Ford Fairlane (1967-1972) Australia

First generation
Ford ZA ()

The ZA Fairlane series, introduced in March 1967, was designed and built in Australia although it resembled the American Ford Fairlane sedan of that year. Offered as the Fairlane and the , it was based on the Australian XR . The 2819 mm wheelbase of the was stretched to 2946 mm, the front and centre body sections were retained and a new twin headlight grille was added. The rear quarter panels and boot from the US Fairlane were used and square taillights replaced the round units used on the .

The Fairlane was equipped with a 200-cubic-inch (3.3 L) six-cylinder engine as standard with a 289-cubic-inch (4.74 L) V8 as an option. The Fairlane 500 featured the 289-cubic-inch (4.74 L) V8 as standard equipment. The six-cylinder engine was available with manual or automatic transmission and the V8 only with an automatic. Production of the ZA Fairlane totalled 8,814 vehicles.

Ford Fairlane ZB (1968–)

A model change to the ZB series in March 1968 saw the 200 grow to 221-cubic-inch (3.62 L) and the 289 grow to 302-cubic-inch (4.95 L), the top model remaining the Fairlane 500 with the larger engine. The Fairlane name badge on the rear guards was now in script [14] rather than capitals as it had been on the ZA.[15] The only notable external change was the tail-light design, again following the general look of the Falcon (in this case the XT). The base model was now known as Fairlane .

Ford Fairlane ZC (1969–1970)

The facelifted ZC Fairlane series, which was introduced in July 1969, featured vertically stacked rather than horizontal headlights, harking back to the look of the -67 US Fairlane models. Tail-lights were similar to those on the ZB, but with wrap-around styling. The ZC was available in Fairlane Custom and Fairlane 500 models. A 221 cu in (3.6L) six-cylinder engine was standard on the Custom, a 302 cu in (5.0L) V8 was standard on the Fairlane 500 and optional on the Custom and a 351 cu in (5.7L) V8 was optional on both models. Air conditioning was offered as an option for the first time. 12,513 ZC series Fairlanes were produced.

Ford Fairlane ZD (1970–)

The ZD series was released in November 1970 for the model year. The base engine became a 250-cubic-inch (4.1 L) six-cylinder unit, while the 302 and 351 V8s remained, the latter found only in the Fairlane 500. Externally, there were re-styled tail lights (similar to ), a new plastic grille with metal surround and new boot garnish. Internally there were new door trim patterns and the speedo backing was now black instead of the silver used on ZC’s.
The ZA to ZD were basically stretched versions of the XR to XY series Ford Falcons respectively, with the extra length added behind the rear door, moving the rear seat back and giving more leg room.


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